Phone A Friend Option

  • Have you ever noticed that your life and the issues that come up don't coincide with your therapy appointment?  Time and time again, there's an issue that you WISH you could just talk to your counselor about for 15 minutes, right now!

  • Is it difficult for you to come to therapy because you spend time driving to and from the office and you have to schedule time off of work?

  • Have you ever wished that counselors were just a text away, like everybody else in 2018?

  • Well we have a solution for you!  It's called, "PHONE A FRIEND" OPTION!

  • We obviously cannot be available 24/7; however, we are implementing a program where we will literally be waiting for your call so that we can talk to you asap, instead of you needing to wait until your appointment to see us!

  • Most of the time, 15 minutes is enough to work through the issue you are dealing with in the moment, so why pay for a whole session when you can just pay $25?

  • You will be able to call or text us and be queued in for an appointment with us and we should be able to speak to you either immediately or within a couple of hours.  This is much better than waiting until Thursday for your regularly scheduled appointment, right?!

  • The Phone A Friend Option will only be available during our regular working hours, as we need time to unwind and de-stress from our days too :-)

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