Marriage Makeover

Oh the days when you first beautiful, in love, everything was on fire!  The mere mention of their name made your heart skip a beat.  Fast forward to the present. Is the mere mention of their name making you wanna commit a crime? 

All joking aside, yes, we understand. You ask yourself, "How did it get to this point? Where did we go wrong? Was it that thing or was it this thing? Am I right or Am I wrong?" So much pain and confusion that you feel immobilized.  Are you really ready to give up? You've invested so much. Is there a way to fix it? And if so, how?

We understand that it takes two to make or break a marriage. This is why our program is tailored to address you both as individuals and as a couple. Actually, it is really the only way we think there is to making a marriage work. 

You will each have time to talk with someone one on one about individual goals and areas of weakness or strengths so that we can begin to understand how to make both of you a perfect YOU and a beautiful couple. We will walk you through, encouraging and supporting your individuality, while helping the two of you as individuals become a whole unit. No doubt you both bring strengths to the relationship and it is usually those things that you ultimately fell in love with that drive you crazy now." One of the things I loved about her was her ability to speak up and have an opinion. Now, I'm tired of her having to have everything her way." "He was so charming and handsome. Now, I never know if there's another female after him." Sound familiar?

This is a no nonsense program. We have a lot of work to do in a very short time (and we know this because you've already got one foot out the door). So if you want to hit it hard and give this your best shot, work with us! You will learn about each other as individuals and how those things that drive you crazy right now could be the best asset your partner has in a relationship. You will learn how to set boundaries and what's appropriate. You will learn how to fight fair. And the one thing that you should do every day that will save your relationship.

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