Intensive Recovery

Intensive Recovery Program

Nobody wants to be addicted, right?  Even the word sounds negative.  If you are experiencing these issues though, you know the depths to which it will take you.  You know that if you don't get a handle on it, it can and will kill you.  Addiction is a complex problem that involves every aspect of your makeup.  Sometimes, the strongest hold that it has is embedded so deep into your subconscious that you may not even know it's there.  Sometimes there can be a physical issue that is creating a problem. 

Addiction is not just related to drugs and alcohol.  We can be addicted to darn near anything- food, sex, gambling, work, and even exercise!  Yes, even things that are healthy can become an addiction.  So how do you know it is an addiction?  Is it causing a problem in your life?  Are you hiding, sneaking or lying so that you can participate in it?  Do you feel an intense urge to participate, even when you know, logically, that it is ok if you don't?  Do you plan activities around it and avoid places or events where you can't participate in it?

We understand how lonely and difficult it is to be where you are.  Almost everyone judges you, including yourself.  People will ask you why you don't stop or why you keep making the same choices.  You have no answer; you only wish you knew, but you don't.  You tell yourself that someday, some way, a miracle will come and you will be clean, but you are doubtful.  You know that this isn't who you really are and it tears you up thinking about all the damage you are doing to yourself and your family.  But no matter how much it hurts, you just can't seem to make a better choice.  The only way to cope is to take another drink or go get high again.  This creates a vicious cycle of hell. Lonely, hopeless, angry and resentful (with yourself)...we get it.  Let us help you through this.  We've been there.  We understand.

When you come in, we will talk about every aspect of your life, inside and out.  We have a very unique program that is different than other programs you may have tried or heard of.  First, you will get an one on one appointments with an addiction expert, not once, but twice per week for the duration of your program.  Many programs utilize a group setting for the bulk of the treatment, but we believe that people are best helped through individual sessions along with group sessions.  Second, although we believe in and support a twelve-step program, we are not based on this.  You can get this for free so why would we charge you for this?  We allow AA or NA to do what they do best and we support them while working with you, but we come at this from a different viewpoint.  We will sit with you and assess your mental, physical and spiritual wellness.  We will discuss issues that could be creating this addiction from every angle, not just psychological.  Did you know that addiction can be rooted in physical causes?  From here, we will develop a plan to address any issues we come across in your evaluation.  Your plan  is completely customized to YOUR needs to help you address the reason for YOUR addiction.  Once your plan is established, we will walk with you through the entire process, believing in you, supporting you and encouraging you. 

Some people prefer (and need) inpatient treatment. However, taking 30 days off from your life in order to get treatment is not always possible.  Employers can't always hold someone's job for them while they are away.  Who will watch the kids?  Who will take care of the house or the animals?  These are some of the issues you will have to navigate when going to inpatient treatment.  It is also extremely expensive, sometimes costing $30,000 or more. At times, it is absolutely necessary that someone enter inpatient treatment in order to save their life, but this is a last resort. 

In addition, if you have already been to inpatient treatment and would like a great aftercare program, this would definitely be the best next level of care to help you acclimate back into your life as a sober YOU. Our program is a 9 week program.  It consists of two individual sessions per week, plus one group session.  That's a total of 27 sessions over a 9 week period of time.  However, the program can be customized to your needs.  We want you to get the absolute best care possible

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