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Comments & Reviews

  • Before Misty, I was busy but not productive. Since visiting this amazing life coach, I have put
    action behind my goals and filtered out all the negativity. She helped me polish my mindset
    and get control of the emotional backlash that was impacting my business. She amazing, I
    love you sis!!!!!!!  -Sarah 

  • No one thinks they will go through a life changing event like a mental breakdown at 27. I did, and I never thought I’d get through it until one dark week in February when my husband Found Misty and they got me in ASAP. Misty not only helped me see the light  at the end of the tunnel on the very first day, she’s made me understand and showed me it would be ok. She started out as a complete stranger then turned into a friend. Misty literally saved my life and I can’t thank her enough. I keep her number on speed dial so I can (and have) pass it on. She is incredible and I’m so thankful. I highly suggest Misty to anyone and everyone. -Melissa 

  • Misty helped me when I was going through the roughest period in my life with a divorce and the death of my mom.. She used her unique abilities to help me see through it but in that time she also helped me find my life's purpose.. I went to her to solve issues and she gave me that and one of the most amazing gifts in my life..A purpose  -Shaka   

  • I felt like a constant failure. I was consumed with shame, frustration, and intimidation. My health, work, finances, friendships, and relationships were constantly suffering.  When I met Misty, it was like finding something you didn’t know was lost. She was the key to the breakthrough I needed.  She has uplifted, validated, supported, and encouraged me, helping to create and guide the best version of myself!    -Bonnie 

  • Misty is a miracle worker. Misty and her staff always make me feel welcomed and are very professional. She has saved my marriage and my life. Misty has opened my eyes about my disorder and has helped me to learn to live with it. She is an amazing person with a beautiful soul. Anyone that knows her knows this to be true. So I just want to say thank you to her and her staff for the awesome work they do. -Cindy

  • The staff are professional, and at the same time are warm and caring. They have gone beyond my expectations to help me keep it together during an incredibly dark and challenging time in my life, and they've made a huge difference for me. - Chris

  • I love these people. I go once a week. They are thoughtful and caring. I have a place to go and someone to talk to. Trust me sometimes my life is a mess, but we talk it out and get back on track. -Darla

  • Truly the most kindest people in Odessa. Misty has saved my marriage and my life. I would recommend her to anybody. -Nick

  •  I Have been going to councling for 9 months now due to a bad drug addiction that lead my life down hill thanks to Hailey I've been sober for 9 months took a hard fall and she got me back on track works with me and pushes me to see me achieve in life im 21 and thanks to her I see the finer things in life instead of the drugs I was addicted to that brought me down I'm blessed to have her as my counclor and bestfriend she's a wonderful person inside and out thank you for helping me save my life . -Kaleigh 

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